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 German-Russian Workshop 2008

 Earthquakes and Friction Physics

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Updated: 25.02.2008





German-Russian Workshop

  Earthquakes and Friction Physics
Technical University Berlin

08 - 10 October 2008


Organizers: Prof. Dr. Valentin Popov, Prof. Dr. Jochen Zschau, Prof. Dr. Sergey Psakhie, Dr. Betram Heinze


There are many similarities between processes in tribological systems and in the earthquake dynamics. Earthquakes can be considered as stick-slip-instabilities of the slow motion of techtonis plates or earth crust blocks. Many concepts used in tribology have been introduced in the geosciences and there are well known pure tribological models trying to describe the dynamics and statistics of earthquakes.

Both tribology (friction physics) and earthquake science develop very intensively but their interrelation is till now very week.



      Earth crust as a tribological system: models, analogies

      Laboratory models of earthquakes

      Large scale models of earthquakes (as ice sheet of lakes)

      Stick-slip instabilities in frictional systems and their statistical properties

      Dynamic weakening during seismic slip: flash heating, lubrication ect.

      Scaling problems: How can laboratory observations of stick slip events be related to real faults?

      Transition between stable and unstable system behavior


The Workshop will take place at the TU Berlin, building MS, room MS 107, Einsteinufer 5, D-10587 Berlin  (see campus plan of the Berlin Technical University).

Conference fee: participants from the industry: 150,- , participants from universities and speakers: 75,- , member of TU Berlin: free


Please return the registration form to the address below as soon as possible but not later than August 15, 2008 (preferably via Fax or E-mail).



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