Berlin 2016

German-Russian Workshop
V.L. Popov  Adhesion of contacts with complicated form I. Argatov Articular contact mechanics from an asymptotic modelling perspective M. Kaczmarek Modelling residual deformations in two-chamber test of lymphoedematous tissue E. Willert  The Oblique Impact of Viscoelastic Spheres
A.V. Dimaki Friction in adhesive contacts A. Filippov  Symmetry breaking in the surface nanostructure ordering in biological systems. Friction and strength isotropy of the skin D. Marinkovic Rapid structural mechanics simulations G. Vitucci  Frictionless contact of transversely isotropic transversely homogeneous biphasic cartilage layers: An analytical solution
M. Ciavarella  Refined asperity models for the adhesion between "nominally" Gaussian self-affine rough surfaces I. Lyashenko Connection between density modulation and excess volume (order parameters) in Landau phase transitions theory between kinetic modes of boundary friction regime A. Tsukanov  Adhesion effects within hard matter – soft matter interface: molecular dynamics R.R. Balokhonov Plastic strain localization in titanium surface hardened by an electron beam treatment
V.A. Romanova Micro- and mesomechanical aspects of deformation-induced surface roughening in polycrystals S. Gorb Biomimetic adhesive microstructures as an approach to understand functioning biological systems M. Heß Normal, tangential and adhesive contacts of power-law graded materials A.I. Dmitriev Fretting wear of graded materials. Estimation of non-wear conditions
Xianping Liu The size effect on nanoindentation of biological cells: surface adhesion and sample thickness M.V. Popov Active control of friction in elastic and viscoelastic contacts: a macroscopic model S. Fatikow Industrial Robotics at Nanoscale: Key Research Issues Q. Li  Numerical Simulation of normal, tangential and adhesive contacts with Boundary Element Method
S. Kusche   Numerical simulation of tangential contacts with viscoelastic media with Boundary Element Method 22 DSC02093 23 DSC02094 24 DSC02095